1. Fingerprint & RFID Door Lock with Rotary Handle

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Product Information

The L100D-II is a unique lock that can be used in every office or secure store room.

The latest Anviz fingerprint algorithm allows doors to open one second after proper identification.

With its simple design, enrollment can be done on the lock itself within 5 seconds.

The unique RFID card reader design provides greater convenience for older and younger family members, as well as office staff who already have cards.

The rotary handle allows it to be fitted on right and left hinged doors

The L100D-II uses 4 AA batteries and has the latest TI chip for low power consumption, this ensures the door can be opened up to 8000 times on average

Low battery alarm when 500 lock openings are left

The lock is provided with a key and alo has an easily accessible 9V Battery connection, should you need to power the lock or over-ride it, should the batteries fail

Fingerprint Capacity: 99

Card Capacity: 99

Made from strong zinc alloy and designed for indoor use

Fingerprint & RFID Door Lock with Rotary Handle