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At TecStore we offer a selection of sophisticated Windows-based Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPoS) systems for different types of businesses, as well as lower-cost Android-based POS systems. These are complete package solutions with hardware, application software and various add-on options at a one-off fixed price with setup & training services. On our standard Windows and Android systems, there are no ongoing monthly/annual license fees to ever pay.

All our systems are suitable for UK (Pounds) as well as Euros for use in Ireland and other non-fiscal European countries.

Take a look through our best Windows and Android POS Systems from the business categories below. If you wish to discuss your particular requirements or require advice on the most suitable configuration for your business please call us on 020 8936 7000 (Intl +44 20 8936 7000) and we will be happy to help.

Android POS Systems

Our Android POS Systems start from only £299

Our Android POS systems use Loyverse which offers optional integration to various third-party apps such as accounts packages (Quickbooks, Xero), card payment processing (SumUp, Paypal Zettle). For restaurants and takeaways, the Otter platform with Loyverse allows integration with Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. For retail stores, Loyverse integration is available for eBay & Amazon stores and with your eCommerce website in WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Lazada, SquareSpace, and Magento. more

What's the Main Difference between Android & Windows POS Systems?

Android POS Solutions
Android solutions are lower cost and simple to set up, but usually require an internet connection, your business data is stored on the cloud, and they have a limited range of peripheral hardware compatibility. The lower cost of Android systems is also reflected in online-only technical support provision and lower performance equipment, and reliability and speed can also depend on internet connectivity and the POS app provider's website/servers. Android software tends to be less complete in advanced features due to the relatively new nature of the technology so it is not as well developed as established Windows POS software, but if your business requirements are basic then that won't be an issue.

Android systems offer integration to various third-party apps such as accounts packages (Quickbooks, Xero), card payment processing (Zettle, Paypal) and online food ordering platforms (Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo).

Our Android solutions are those systems with the IMIN and Sunmi brand.

Windows POS Solutions
Windows solutions (due to being established for much longer) tend to be much more comprehensive in features and come with higher specification hardware. They are compatible with a much wider range of peripheral equipment such as rear customer displays, integrated weighing scales, card payment processing options, Telephone Caller ID, fingerprint sensors, many different types of printers and various forms of barcode scanners. Dealers are able to offer higher-level setup and support services. The application software and database we supply can be installed locally on the terminals (for faster, secure operation) with options for cloud-based back office if required.

Our Windows solutions are those systems with the Sam4s, Toshiba, Aures and Oxhoo brands.

EPoS Systems for All Types of Business

Electronic Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems are designed to improve your efficiency by speeding up the order taking process. Fast, accurate registering of items allows you to increase your throughout and minimise waiting times for your customers. Stock levels can be automatically updated, a range of financial and management reports can be instantly produced and overall you have much greater control of your business with a professional POS System.

At TecStore, we supply the latest point-of-sale (POS) systems with hardware, software, accessories and consumables complete with set up, installation, training of your staff and ongoing support and maintenance. We supply POS systems across the whole of the UK and beyond. We offer point-of-sale solutions for small single site premises as well as larger retail and restaurant operations with multiple branches that require head office connectivity.

Restaurant EPoS Systems
Restaurant POS Systems are suitable for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, fast food takeaways, sandwich shops, bars, pubs, nightclubs, pizza delivery, and mobile kiosks. They can include functions for Eat In, Take Away and Delivery orders, table management, wireless waiter tablets, booking/reservation systems, service charges, kitchen ticket printing, kitchen video/monitor system and much more.

Retail EPoS Systems
Retail POS Systems are suited for convenience stores, newsagents, supermarkets, accessories shops and similar businesses. They provide barcode scanning, stock management, link to a weighing scale, shelf edge label printing, product labels and various financial, sales analysis and management reports.

Fashion EPoS Systems
Fashion POS Systems are suitable for clothes shops, school uniform shops, shoe shops, gift / jewellery shops, sports shops, boutiques and similar businesses. They support barcode scanning, label printing, stock management and comprehensive Point of Sale functions.

TecStore's Restaurant POS Systems are suitable for cafes, delis, bars, takeaways and restaurants. Take orders with waiter service, telephone orders, and over-the-counter takeaway orders. Helping to make your business Covid-secure, they support the Contact Tracing Log and automated 'Eat Out to Help Out' discount calculation and Wireless Waiter Pads or Android / iOS Smartphones for Table Service.

TecStore's Retail POS Systems are available for convenience stores, grocers, newsagents, supermarkets and other types of retail shops. Barcode scanning, stock control, shelf-edge labels and multi-buy automatic pricing. Quick to install, easy to use and give years of reliable usage with NO ongoing license fees.
Online Ordering Apps with Mobo2Go integrated directly with our POS systems, instantly prints kitchen tickets, customer bill & driver ticket.

The app saves you and your customers time, reduces phone calls and prevents the need for hand writing orders. Fixed small monthly fee, zero sales commission - much cheaper than Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. Many of our customer save thousands of pounds using the Mobo2go commission-free app.

You can be live online and receiving takeaway/delivery orders for your business within 2 weeks of signing up. Contact Us on 020 8936 7000.

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