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Product Information

The Titan Retail EPOS System from TecStore is designed for all kinds of retail shops who require a robust, reliable, complete point of sale system at an affordable price. It is our most popular entry-level POS solution suited for convenience stores, newsagents, supermarkets, grocers, fruit & veg shops, butchers, delis and other types of retail shops. It includes a high-quality, modern design Sam4s (formerly Samsung) brand 15" POS Terminal that gives you the confidence of a 3 year warranty.

No Ongoing Fees
A complete till solution at an affordable price. No Monthly or Annual Usage Fees to ever pay for the main POS system. No hidden extras. You simply pay once and buy the system outright.

No Internet Required
The system is very fast and secure as it is not a cloud-based system. The POS software app and your data are all stored locally on the POS hardware. Only if you use Integrated Card Payment Processing, the optional Cloud Back Office app and related modules would you require internet just for those features.

Benefits of an Installed System over a Cloud System
With an installed POS system the program application and database are all installed locally on your POS terminal(s). This results in much faster processing time, greater staff productivity, allowing you to serve your customers faster and minimise waiting times during busy periods at your store. There is no reliance on outside web servers, no reliance on internet connectivity, no dependence on internet reliability, signal strength or connection speeds. Furthermore, there is no need to keep paying monthly or annual software fees to use the system. The SamTouch POS software has a lifetime permanent license.

With an installed system, there is no unexpected down-time due to server maintenance or cloud app upgrades. Your POS program and business data are all physically stored at your premises, on your POS equipment, available 24/7 365 days a year, 100% under your control at all times.

POS Software
The SamTouch Windows-based POS software is easy to set up, is easy to use, and has a comprehensive range of POS features for day-to-day sales operations, accounting, sales analysis and stock management.

Titan POS System - Standard Package Contents

The following items are part of the standard package. All necessary power supplies and data cables are included with the package, with a simple Easy Installation Guide. No hidden costs, everything you need is included in the package.

* Sam4s Titan S-560 15" TouchScreen POS Terminal
* Sam4s Front-opening Cash Drawer
* HPRT TP80K 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer
* HPRT P200 Laser Barcode Scanner
* SamTouch POS Software - lifetime license
* Initial remote programming/setup and remote training
* POS System Starter Pack
* 1 year software support

  Sam4s Titan S560 Retail POS Terminal

Sam4s Cash Drawer

HPRT TP80K Thermal Receipt Printer

HPRT P200 Laser Barcode Scanner

SamTouch POS Software

POS System Starter Pack

Note: Internet is not required to use the system. However, an internet connection will initially be required for us to remotely upload your programming and provide remote training. If you don't have internet at your shop, you can temporarily connect the terminal to your home internet connection for the duration of the initial setup/training and then move it back afterwards. On-site setup and training is also optionally available - please call us with your postcode for a quote.


You can upgrade standard components to alternatives, as well as add additional equipment, accessories and software modules, as required. See the Available Options Box above for pricing on the popular items or for a quotation call us on 020 8936 7000 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm) or use our Online Enquiry Form.

Optional Equipment & Peripherals:
* Integrated Rear 2-Line Customer Display
* Integrated Rear Graphical 9.7" Customer Display
* External 2-Line Pole Display
* External 10" / 12" / 15" Advertising Display
* Telephone Caller ID (Analog only)
* Dallas Key Fobs for staff login
* Fingerprint Sensor for staff login
* MSR Reader for Loyalty, Discount & Membership Cards
* Self-Service Ordering Kiosk (16" / 21", 27" or 32")

Optional Software Modules:
* Customer Database & Loyalty Points
* SamTouchOffice - cloud back office module more details
* OrderMe - Smartphone App for self-ordering more details
* Ezeepos - Mobile pos app for field sales more details
* OrderKiosk - self-service ordering module for fast food takeaways more details

Optional Services:
* Import of Products/Customers from existing system
* Extended Remote Training (per hour)
* On-site Set Up & Training

Retail System Add-Ons:
* POS Integrated Weighing Scale (for checkout counter)
* Label Printing Scale (for butcher/deli counter)
* Mobile Stock-taking PDA with SamCount app
* Product Barcode Label Printer
* Upgrade to Honeywell Orbit MS7120
* Upgrade to Datalogic Magellan In-counter Scanner/Scale
* Add/Upgrade to Wireless Barcode Scanner
* A4 printer for invoices, delivery notes, statements
* Windows Tablet for Queue Busting (license required)

3rd-Party Add-Ons:
* Postal Address Lookup (Royal Mail)
* DoJo Integrated Card Payments
* eMerchantPay Integrated Card Payments
* Link to WooCommerce for stock synchronisation

Card Payment Processing:
SamTouch POS software can integrate with Dojo / Payment Sense, eMerchantPay and Worldpay card machines. An integration fee applies if the merchant account is not arranged through ourselves.

Honeywell Orbit MS7120 Barcode Scanner

Payment Sense DoJo Card Payments with POS

Sam4s 2-line Customer Display

Sam4s 9.7" Graphical Display


CAS CN1 Labelling Scale

Click this link to see details and prices for the full range of Optional Modules / Accessories and Services for this POS system.

SamTouch POS Software

Easy to use and easy to set up your products, prices and barcodes. Stock management functions included. Promotions, mix & match offers and multi-buy discounts are easy to set up and are automatically applied at the point of sale. Age check feature for tobacco and alcohol products to prompt operator and keep a record of the age-check.

Functions for Tabs, Deposit Payments, Void, Refunds, Exchanges and Cancel. Discounts can also be manually applied, either by Amount or by a Percentage, for a particular item or for the whole bill.

Serve multiple customers at the same time with the layaway function. Operate tabs for account / trade customers, Staff access to different functions can be controlled with the security features. Includes time keeping system for recording working hour and producing reports for wages. Numerous sales, accounting, stock and management reports.

The optional Customer Database allows you to operate pre-paid accounts, provide credit terms, as well as operate multiple price levels and Loyalty Discount / Point schemes.

The POS software has numerous back office functions included as standard for stock management, printing shelf edge tickets, generating A4 reports, updating the screen layouts, adding/amending products and prices, setting up promotions and offers and managing system access.

You can also optionally add a dedicated web-based Back Office system for remote operation from anywhere in the world. This provides enhanced reporting, advanced stock management, purchase ordering, delivery tracking, remote access to update products and prices, link to Hand Held Mobile Stock Taking device, and link to other third-party systems.

POS Software Features:
° Register items by manual price entry, barcode scanning or code/description search or menu buttons
° Apply Discounts, Complimentary Items & Promotions
* Mix & Match Offers (eg. buy 3 for £5)
° Age Check prompt/log for restricted items (alcohol, tobacco, blades etc)
° Unlimited PLU’s.
° Unlimited Number of Product Screens for non-barcoded items
° Clerk Interrupt & Sale Layaway for handling multiple staff/customers
° Shelf Edge Labelling via Receipt Printer
° Dynamic Screens - update automatically as new products are added
° Six Tracking Files – Tabs, Trade Accounts etc
° Stock Count Down on Item Button
° Easy to add new products & change prices
° Easy Stock Management - Stock In, Stock Adjustments, Stock Reports
° Gross Profit Reporting
° Six Price Levels
° Three Sizes Per Product - Small / Regular / Large
° Warehouse / Yard / Stock-Room Picking Ticket for stored items
° Free-Text Function for Special Picking / Packing Instructions
° Image/Logo To Receipt Printing
° Staff Clock In/Out to record working hours for wages
° Sales, VAT/Accounting & Management Reports
° Export sales report to Excel/PDF and other formats

POS Software - Optional Features:
° Register items linked to POS Weighing Scale
° Create Graphics/Videos To Appear On The Rear Customer Display
° Option to Print A4 Invoice / Receipts (requires A4 printer)
° Customer Database
° Local or Multi-Site Customer Loyalty Points options
° Windows Tablet computer for “Queue Busting” (*license required)
° Samview Mobile App – Optional Android Sales Reporting “Real-Time”
° SamTouchOffice Web-based Back Office
° Link to your WooCommerce eCommerce website
° SamCount mobile app for stock taking and price check


Initial Programming is included as part of the package. We will set up your receipt information, staff login list, product/service groups, either food & drinks menu or non-barcoded retail items (upto 200 items/variations), table layout, discount buttons, standard reports, tabs and other POS software features with up to one day's work by our technician included as part of the package price. Following your training session, you will be able to add unlimited additional groups and additional items/variations and update prices abd other product details as required.

Programming (Advanced) is an extra cost and provides upto 2 working days technician time and includes all the items in the standard programming service, plus set up of advanced functions such as advanced discount structures, service charges, meal deals/promotions, loyalty points / customer database, multiple vat rates, multiple transaction types, stock management and more complex menu structures.

Please contact us to discuss your programming requirements to determine which Programming Service is most suitable for you.

For large product lists we can quote for data-entry work or data importing from an existing system - please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Remote Training to cover the operation of the system and management functions, including sales, reports, data backup, adding/changing products & prices is included as a 1.5 hour session as part of the package price. Extended sessions can be purchased of 2-hour or 3-hour sessions.

Sam4s hardware is covered by the 3 year manufacturers warranty and we provide hardware-related support for 3 years. Honeywell Orbit scanners have a 5 year warranty. Bixolon printers are covered by a 2 year warranty. Other brands of equipment are covered by a 1 year warranty. Most hardware queries can be resolved by phone/email if related to configuration issues, otherwise if equipment has a fault then it will be repaired/replaced under the RTB warranty.

Software support to assist with specific usage queries is available free for 1 year by phone and email during our support hours Mon-Fri 10am-4pm, subject to reasonable use as specified in our Terms.

Most 1-terminal installations can effectively be set up remotely without additional cost to you, and this is included in the package cost. On-site Installation and Training services at your premises are optionally available throughout the UK and elsewhere. In addition to the consultant's fee, our travel costs would be payable - please contact us with your postcode for a quote.


For your non-barcoded products, clear colour co-ordinated screens allow the operator to easily choose the required products. There is no limit to the number of screens. Navigation is easy with the menu structure. Staff access can be controlled to managerial and reporting screens.

As the POS software and database are all held local on your terminal, it is much faster than cloud-based systems which rely on internet connectivity and the provider's website availability and they are therefore much slower. The installed system gives you speed, reliability and 100% control over your POS system and data, without relying on outside parties and without the need to make ongoing payments to any cloud system provider.

The 'Count Down' feature allows you to see how many of each item is available, with a trigger level to prompt further ordering. With networked systems with multiple terminals, each terminal is updated in real-time.

Pop-up Windows allow selection of optional extras. These can include a Price addition too. A Free-Text feature also allows specific instructions to be typed on the touch screen.

Each screen can have upto 80 single buttons or these can be re-sized to double, quad-size or custom size buttons. Buttons can be coloured as required, with the desired font and font size. Images may be placed on custom screen buttons if required such as brand logos or product images.

Where an item has an optional item, a simple Popup Window allows the operator to choose. This makes it clear to avoids mistakes and allows you to upsell extras for additional sales revenue.

The Screen Editor gives you total control over your system layout and buttons. You can have an unlimited number of screens, and position required menus, products, sizes, pictures and special functions as required.

Employee Setup allows the owner / manager to set up password or (optional) Dallas Key Fob login, control access to management functions, determine if void,refund and discount features are available to each employee and access to reports and product / price changes. If the Clock In / Out module is set, you can specify if the employee is required to use the system timekeeping to record their working hours.

The system supports upto 10 different VAT rates, so you can specify the required VAT Rate (20%, Zero, 5% etc) for each product. If you have multiple VAT rates for different transaction types (eg. Eat In / Take Away) then the VAT Shift function allows the calculations to be automated. If you have split items (eg. Hot and Cold food in the same takeaway box), then the Product Link function allows split VAT rates to be applied automatically.

A powerful Promotions module allows your special offer pricing to be automated, and it can be scheduled to apply for particular date periods, days of the week or set hours. (eg. Thursdays 5-7pm only, or Weekends only, or Mon-Thu 12noon-2pm only and so on). You can have Fixed Price offers, Cheapest Free, Buy X for £Y and volume discounts.

The Message Board can be placed on the login screen for all your staff to see. It can include multiple messages in text or graphic format such as information for 'Todays Specials', reminders for daily tasks and motivational messages. If your screen is customer facing, you can also include multiple photographs and promotional items on the screen.

There are dozens of reports that can be viewed on-screen, printed or saved to a file. Financial reports for sales,takings, vat, different payment methods. Sales reports by group, product, hour. Staff activity reports, Promotions reports. Customer activity reports. Gross Profit reports. Each report can be required for the required date / date period. Data can be stored on the system for upto 9999 days (or less if you define otherwise).

Products are neatly structured into Product Groups which allows the dynamic screens to be automatically updated and your reports automatically structured. You can add additional groups as required. Groups in turned are placed into higher level 'Classifications' such as Bakery, Deli, Butchers, Groceries and so on. Reports can be produced at the Classification level, Group level, or individual Product level.

Instantly update prices, add new products, activate / de-activate products as and when required in a matter of seconds with the Product Editor. It lists all products and the group can be filtered to a certain Product Group or you can use the text search feature to quickly locate the required product(s).

Numerous A4-format reports are available which can be printed to your A4 size laser/inkject printer or exported to a file format such as Excel, Word, ASCII and others. These includes sales reports and financial listings.

Routine program changes such as receipt message, staff login records / passwords, promotions, products / prices, promotions, void/refund reasons can easily be done from the General Settings menu with manager level access.

Hardware setup such as printers and other peripherals, and advanced system parameters can be tailored from the Advanced Settings menu with manager level access.

The 'X Report' can be run at anytime and instantly shows sales performance and total takings upto that point, either for a single till or multiple tills.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly Z reports can be produced as required to show financial date, total sales, breakdown by product category, details of refunds & voids, and breakdown by payment method (cash, card, cheque, vouchers). You may also produce reports for a custom date period.

SamTouchOffice optional cloud-back office (requires annual subscription) provides virtually live sales data to your device remotely, allows you to manage the system with product additions, price updates, new promotions, screen changes, staff management and clocking in system, wide range of reports and transaction listings, full purchasing and stock management and numerous other management features.


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