1. Sam4s NR-510R Cash Register with Barcode Scanner

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Product Information

The NR510R Retail Scanning Package is one of our most popular retail scanning tills for convenience stores, newsagents, grocers, accessory shops and other retail shops requiring to speed up the checkout process with barcode scanning, avoid pricing mistakes as well as manual register open-priced items.

This package's popularity is due to the quick set up, ease of use, 6000 barcode capacity, choice of either Single Line or Omni barcode scanner, Daily and Weekly/Monthly X & Z reports, multiple VAT rates if needed, and an affordable package price, with 3 years warranty and no ongoing costs.

The NR510R is part of the latest Sam4s NR500 range of retail cash registers. Sam4s (formerly part of Samsung) is one of the world's leading cash register manufacturers, The NR500 range are advanced retail cash registers with a robust build quality, comprehensive functions, yet they are very easy to setup and use.

* Sam4s NR-510R Cash Register
* XL-Scan Barcode Scanner with Stand
* CD-ROM containing Cash Register User & Programming Manual
* Quick Start Guide
* Scanner Setup Sheet
* 1 thermal paper roll
* 3 years warranty on all equipment


The included XL-Scan barcode scanner is a Single Line laser barcode scanner that can be operated in handsfree mode in the stand or lifted out to be used with its manual trigger. It requires the barcode to be aligned exactly with the single laser line before it can scan.

You may optionally upgrade to the heavy-duty Omni XL2002 laser scanner. This more powerful barcode scanner is ideal for busier shops as it emits multiple lasers in different directions / distances, so allows for much faster operation. If your customers regularly have multiple items in their shopping baskets or your shop often has queues of customers, then the XL2002 is strongly recommended - see Options above.

The NR510R has a capacity to store upto 6000 PLU's (unique barcodes / product lines) with the description, category, price and vat rate. Non-barcoded items can simply be registered by entering the open price and pressing one of the 12 department (product category) keys.

Items (once initially set up) can instantly be scanned and added to the customers bill, open price items can be key entered. It is easy to void mistakes, make corrections, and apply discounts. Multiple items can be entered efficiently with the 'X' function.

It has large 8-line operator display making it easy for the operator to read, and see multiple items on each bill. A rear customer display allows the customer to see the items and prices as registered, and it can be adjusted to the required height and angle.

A single Thermal Receipt Printer using fast silent thermal technology on 57-mm width thermal paper rolls. With thermal printing, no ink ribbon/cartridge is ever needed, so you save on running costs. You can include your shop name & address, vat number etc on the top of receipts, as well as a multi-line footer message that can include, for example, a Thank You message or your opening hours, website link, returns/refund terms or seasonal greetings.

With paper saving mode, receipt printing can be switched off so then a receipt will only be printed on request.

Basic stock control features are included on the Sam4s NR510R if you wish to use them, so you book in initial stock and new deliveries, the system will deduct stock quantity automatically as items are scanned and sold, and you can generate a report to show current stock levels, as well as set a 'minimum stock level' to help with re-ordering items.

Print an X report at any time to show your sales takings so far, analysed by department and payment method (cash, card etc). The end of day Z report will produce a final sales report and reset the daily totals to zero ready for the following shift.

With the Z2 periodic report, you can also generate sales and financial summaries for your selected period - either Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly etc depending on how often you run the periodic report.

* Manual price entry or barcode scanning
* 12 department/plu keys
* Upto 36 programmable function keys
* Upto 6000 PLU's
* Up to 99 Clerks/Cashiers
* Up to Six Lines Receipt Message Header & Footer
* Receipt Buffer
* Training Mode
* Up to 4 Currencies
* Retail Keyboard with 44 Raised Buttons
* Basic Stock Management
* 99 Groups
* Mix & Match offers (eg. Buy 2 for £1)
* Paper Saving Mode to only print receipts on request
* 4 vat / tax rates
* Full size high-capacity cash drawer.
* % Discount and £ Discount
* Refund mode
* Received on Account function for till float
* Paid Out function for petty cash expenses
* X & Z Daily Financial Reports
* Periodic Sales/Financial Reports
* Sales Analysis reports by hour, product group, product and clerk

With our Programming Service we can pre-configure the till before despatching it to you, so it will arrive ready to use and for you to load on your barcodes. With Standard Programming, we can set the date/time, your name/address details on the receipt header and other text on receipt footer, and program upto 12 Departments and label the keys. With the Advanced service, we can also set up multiple tax rates and clerks, additional departments and any other programming requirements.

eSpresso is a Windows-based program for programming the Sam4s NR series of tills and running reports. Compatible with Windows 10. You can transfer programs and data from the cash register using either an SDHC memory card (or an optional RS232 Data Cable).

Software Main Features:
* Add new products / import from Excel spreadsheet
* Change products/prices
* Keyboard Layout Editing
* Receipt logo
* Backup ECR Program
* Historic Sales Reports

Your Windows PC/Laptop will require an SDHC memory card reader slot.

* Box of 20, 40 or 60 Till Rolls
* Remote Training - operator training by phone to teach you how to operate / setup the till
* Wet Cover - silicon keyboard cover to protect against dirt, grease and spillages

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Warranty Information

Warranty Duration:3 Years (Till), 1 Year (Laser Scanner w/Stand) Manufacturers Warranty
Warranty Type:Return to Base


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Sam4s NR-510R Cash Register with Barcode Scanner