Silicone Wet Covers

Silicone Wet Covers

We supply Wet Covers for almost every model of cash register, and also for many credit card machines, printers, touchscreens and weighing scales to protect your machine from liquid spillage, drips, grease, dirt and grime build up and other pollutants that could potentially damage it and affect your business. Our silicone protective covers also have an antimicrobial coating to help minimise transmission of bacteria.

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We specialise in manufacturing volume orders, delivered promptly to specification. If you require 100+ wet covers please contact us on 020 8936 7000 to receive a bulk quantity quote.

A machine with a clean keyboard also helps enhance its appearance and re-sale value.

These are high quality silicone rubber protective covers with an antimicrobial coating to reduce risk of bacteria transfer and provide a high degree of waterproof protection. The wet covers can be washed in warm soapy washing up liquid, daily if required, without reducing the level of antimicrobial protection. Simply wash, rinse, shake, allow to air dry and then replace on the keyboard. Can help reduce the spread of Coronavirus / Covid19 in conjunction with other precautions.

If you dont see your your required Make/Model of machine on our site, please Contact Us to check availability for a Wet Cover for your particular till, card machine, printer, scale or touchscreen.

We supply Wet Covers for tills, printers, scales, credit card machines and touchscreens from Quorion, Towa, Vectron, Aures Posligne, Azkoyen, BC, BRL, Berkel, Bizerba, Bleep, Busicom, Citizen, Datasim, Digi, Elite, Epson, Fidelity, Fujitsu, Hypercom, Ingenico, J2, Javelin, Kyocera, Micros, NEC, Nixdorf, Olymipa, Partnertech, Posiflex, Panasonic, Sanyo, Siemens, Thales, Toshiba, Uniwell, Verifone and many other manufacturers.

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