Recycle 4 Cash Scheme

With TecStore's Recycle 4 Cash Scheme we will list your used / unwanted equipment for sale on our popular website's Recycled Equipment section.

You get 75% of the selling price, and just pay our £35 initial handling fee per cash register / POS system that covers inspection, testing, insuring, photographing, listing and storing the equipment on your behalf. We will prepare the equipment, delete your data, deal with all sales enquiries and effect the sale - saving you time and storage space, and yielding cash for you once it is sold - see full details below.

Equipment you can sell under the Scheme includes cash registers, touch screen POS systems, barcode scanners (attached to a working till), weighing scales / labelling scales and receipt printers subject to the following 5 provisions:

* Equipment must be branded by a mainstream manufacturer
   (eg. Toshiba, Panasonic, ELO, Aures, 3M, Sam4s, Epson, Casio, Sharp etc)
* Equipment must be less than 3 years old (a copy of the original Invoice from a dealer may be requested)
* Equipment must power on and be fully working, with relevant power supply & data cables included
* Equipment must be intact and complete (no missing or damaged parts, panels, covers, accessories, keys etc)
* Equipment must be of UK specification and your return address must be in the UK Mainland.

Equipment which is simply imported and re-badged will not be accepted - it must be branded equipment from an internationally known equipment manufacturer. We do not accept cash drawers, kitchen printers or tablet / pda devices. We do not re-sell or arrange license transfer of any software or apps - these will be deleted prior to equipment being sold (other than factory loaded software).

Your business data will be securely deleted by us prior to sale of equipment, subject to access and relevant passwords and keys being provided to us or the equipment will be restored to original factory settings where possible. Other than any operating systems, all other software or apps will be deleted.

Payment to you will be made after the equipment has been sold on. Our 25% handling fee will be deducted from the final selling price, and a pre-payable £ 35 listing fee applies to cover inspection & testing, data/app deletion, storage space and any return courier cost for each system. Items not sold within 180 days, or on request, will be returned to you.

How to Sell your Used / Unwanted POS Equipment

Emai us to advise your POS equipment / cash register details at:

* Quantity, Manufacturer & Model No. of each item
* Serial Number of each item
* Date of Original Purchase, Dealer Name
* Confirmation that item is undamaged, working and includes any needed UK power supply and data cable
* Your full return address with postcode (if equipment has to be returned)

Any photograph attachments of the equipment and the purchase invoice will also be useful.

We only buy equipment from businesses (including hmrc-registered sole traders) - please do not offer us equipment if you are a private individual

If it is suitable we will advise our closest Warehouse address for you to send your equipment to. A nonrefundable £35 fee will need to be paid to cover initial inspection, data deletion, storage and, if necessary, cost of return to you.

The £35 applies to each touchscreen terminal, cash register, retail scale and labelling scale. Where a receipt printer or barcode scanner is listed and sold together with a POS terminal as a bundle then it will not be charged separately. If a receipt printer is listed and sold as a separate item on its own, then a reduced £20 nonrefundable initial fee will apply.

You will need to properly clean, sterilise, securely pad and box the equipment. You can then either send it to us by insured & tracked courier or it can be brought in person by prior telephone appointment. Any equipment which is not packed & boxed will not be accepted. Any equipment which is greasy, infested or dirty will be returned to you unopened due to health & safety reasons.

You will also need to include a signed letter on your business letterhead including:
(a) a list of the equipment with serial number(s);
(b) confirmation you are the sole owner of all the equipment;
(c) confirmation you are authorised to sell it;
(d) authorise us to delete all apps, software and data on a terminal or software (other than operating system and any factory default programs).
(e) provide the return address if the equipment has to be returned to you.
Your letterhead must clearly show your company name and registration number, or the full name and address of the proprietor if a sole trader.

A valid Photo ID of the signatory with a current Proof of Address document (Utility Bill, Bank Statement), a business proof of name & address and a copy of the original purchase Invoice for the equipment may be requested by us before acceptance.

On our receipt and inspection, and provided supplied documents are acceptable, we will value the equipment and suggest a suitable selling price.

If you don't accept the suggested selling price, your equipment will be returned to you by tracked & insured courier.

If you accept the suggested price, then we will proceed with any data/software/app removal, and the item will be listed in our Recycled Equipment section with our photographs and the equipment specification and condition. Your equipment will be carefully stored and be fully insured whilst held by us.

Once your equipment is sold, you will be immediately notified by us. On receipt of your invoice, we will forward payment to your nominated UK bank account within 21 days, less our handling fee of 25%.

The bank account name must be in the same name as the invoicing business (or as directed by any receiver, administrator or liquidator).

If the buyer returns the equipment to us for refund within 14 days of delivery for any reason, then the sale will be cancelled and your equipment will be re-listed. If the return reason is due to any fault, shortage or similar deficiency whether or not previously identified, then the suggested selling price may be adjusted or the equipment returned to you.

6. Items not sold within 180 days, or at anytime on your request, will be returned to your nominated return address. Alternatively, you can pay additional storage and listing fee of £35 for upto a further 180 days.


VAT at the standard rate will be added on our handling / inspection / return-courier fee. VAT at the margin scheme rate of 16.67% will be applicable on the price difference on the equipment between the buying and selling price.

You must notify us in writing with any change to your contact detals, return address or bank details by writing to the recycling email address.

For the avoidance of doubt, we do not guarantee to sell your equipment. Our obligations are to list your equipment for upto 180 days in our Recycled Equipment section only, to store it carefully and keep it insured, to respond to purchase enquiries received, and if a buyer decides to purchase then we will effect the sale, obtain payment and immediately notify you.

We reserve the right to discontinue the Recycle 4 Cash scheme at anytime upon 7 days written notice, upon which unsold equipment will be returned to your nominated address. If we discontinue the scheme before 180 days of your listing commencement, then we will pro-rata refund you the initial £35 pre-paid fee.

While we shall endeavour to keep the website and Recyled Equipment section available at all times, we do not guarantee to do so in the event of website maintenance being required on occasion, technical failure of the web hosting service, or other such factors outside our reasonable control.