1. TecStore Cash Register Technical Support

    Product Code: remotes
    TecStore UK Price:

    Price:  £45.00

    plus VAT (£54.00 including vat)

Product Information

Technical support on setting up a till, programming keys or a till function, or resolving an operational problem, provided remotely by telephone, email or live chat.

Upto 30 minutes. Minimum charge is £45. Additional time is charged in 15 minute increments and must be pre-paid.

1. Our charge covers the consultant's time. We will determine at the outset whether we can assist with your request and then use a qualified technician experienced with your make/mode of till, or arrange a refund if we believe we cannot assist with the specific issue. While we will try our best to assist you implement the requested feature or resolving a problem, we do not guarantee to do so, and our fee is payable regardless.

2. Technical Support is assumed to be provided on a fully working till with a standard program set up. If your till has hardware / component faults then this will be covered separately by a repair service, we cannot resolve hardware / component faults remotely by phone/email.

3. Our consultant's time will be charged continuously. If there are any interruptions on your side, the time will be lost from the session.

4. Where a telephone call is required, we will only call to your UK landline or mobile number. Calls to other numbers may incur additional charges to cover the cost of the call.

TecStore Cash Register Technical Support