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Product Information

The Avery Berkel XS labelling scales are suitable for butchers, delis, fruit & veg stores, supermarkets, mini markets, fishmongers, farm shops and similar businesses that wish to reliably weigh and label products quickly and easily.

Avery Berkel is a universally recognised brand and a world leader in retail weighing scales. The XS series of shop scales are ideal for weighing / price computing, barcode label printing, receipt printing, pre-packing produce and can also be used as a full cash register system.

The XS series are trade approved for retail use in the UK. The scales are affordable, easy to setup and use, and provide a comprehensive range of features. The integrated keypad has a hard-wearing, touch sensitive, wipe clean surface. It supports various label sizes and allows for a variety of content to be printed - including text, graphics and barcode.



The Avery XS-100 has an integrated operator keyboard and large format operator display, and a large rear customer display. In operating mode, the displays show the product name, price, weight and price calculation as well as settings indicators. In cash register mode, it also displays transaction totals. The 'Avery Berkel' logo can be changed to be your own store logo.

The full size keyboard includes a complete QWERTY keyboard for use during programming to type in product names, ingredients and so on. The re-usable card can then be flipped over to provide 58 hot-keys for one-touch access to your most popular PLU's (products) for a faster labelling / selling process. With upto 10,000 products accessible by code entry or search. Either use non-permanent marker pen to write product names by hand, or use our Excel spreadsheet or the optional MX Lite PC software to print a keyboard overlay that can be colour-coded for your different product groups.

Operator Keypad & DisplayRear Customer Display

You can print onto plain labels or pre-printed template labels. If you intend to use the scale as a cash register, then it also supports continuous thermal paper rolls - receipts are printed then cut to size with the in-built cutter. You can print product labels with price-embedded barcodes, you can print a Nutrition breakdown label, traceability label or a combination of these. Label formats can also be designed to include lines, boxes, store logos, approval marks and promotional graphics.


The 2 example printed labels on the left include a graphic logo
(using the Avery MX Lite PC software), a price embedded
barcode, and a Packed On date and Use By date.

The example label on the right can be printed as
a 2nd label and contains nutritional data that
you can enter related to each of your products.

You can also include traceability information, allergy details, certification graphics, storage / handling instructions and any other information required within the available space. The label format can be vertical or horizontal to suit your design.

3 Operating Modes
You can setup the XS-100 to operate in one of 3 modes:

> Counter Labelling - weigh/quantify items & print price/barcode label
> Pre-Pack Mode - for continuous weighing and labelling
> Receipt Mode - weigh/quantify items & print receipts like a cash register

In counter mode, the scale can print barcode labels for both weighed and non-weighed items. You can use the Tare function to deduct the weight of a container or manually enter a Tare weight.

In receipt mode, the Avery scale can interface to an automatic cash drawer, account for VAT, allow different payment methods, register the float and paid-out transactions, handle refunds, and provide operating reports.

Avery XS-100 Main Features:
* Operation modes: receipt, cash control, counter labelling, or pre-pack labelling
* Mountable, on or off a cash-drawer
* Easily managed through the MXBusiness companion software
* Product price control
* Promotion management, including Mix ‘n’ Match pricing
* Traceability information
* Report and analysis of stock data
* Easy and simple receipt/label loading

Avery XS-100 Technical Specification
Capacity: 15kg (or optional 25kg model with 5g readability available on request)
Readability: 2g < 6kg > 5g
Pan Size: 300 x 374mm
Weighing Units: kg
Stabilisation Time (sec): 1
PLU Memories: upto 10,000 (depending on memory configuration)
Power Supply: Mains adapter
Operating Temperature: -10° to 40°C
Housing: ABS plastic
Overall Dimensions: 384 x 469 x 182mm
Machine Weight: 10kg
Approvals: EC type approved (Class III)
Memory: 2MB standard; 4MB max using optional upgrade card
Calibration: External calibration

PLU Data
PLU number
PLU Description
PLU Type: Weight or Quantity
Batch weight
Packed on date & time
Expiry / Use By / Sell By date
Traceability: 9 schemes
Carcass Records: 999
Nutritional Information
Freeform Text (eg. for allergy information or storage instructions)

Interface: RJ45 Ethernet, RJ11/12 Cash Drawer, 2 x USB
Networking: Ethernet 10/100 base-T, max 31 scales per network, max. 99 operators

Display & Keyboard
Operator Display: White LED backlit, dot matrix, 320 x 128 pixel
Customer Display: White LED backlit, dot matrix, 320 x 128 pixel
Number / function keyboard: 23 Tactile, full travel keys beneath membrane
Preset PLU keyboard: 58 key pressure sensitive membrane

Printer: Thermal Label/Receipt Max. 100/60mm or 4/2.4 in Max. 100mm/s or 4in/s
Labels: Print dimensions
(w x l): Max. 56 x 300mm (2.2 x 6.3 in)
Graphics/Barcodes: Yes
Gap between labels: Min 2.0mm (upto approx 3.00mm)
No. Fonts: 32
No. Formats: 100
Label orientation Field orientation: all flexible 0, 90, 180° 0, 90, 180, 270°
Print boxes, lines: Yes

Barcode Formats
Barcodes: EAN 8, UPC 12, EAN 13, UPC 13, Scandinavian, EAN128, RSS Expanded (GS1 Databar), RSS14, RSS Limited
GTIN support: Yes

MX Business Lite PC Software
Basic setup such as Product / PLU data and selection of standard label templates and price changes can be done directly on the scale. However, if you require greater control, use of advanced features such as logo/graphics, customisation of label layout, or management of a large number of products then the optional MX Business Lite software provides an easy Windows-based tool. It communicates to the scale via Ethernet and allows comprehensive programming and reporting. We provide a 30-minute remote training session with the pc software purchase and 30-days free support. Longer/additional training and extended 1 year support can be purchased separately - contact us for details.

If you are using Windows 10 in S Mode you will need to switch off S mode for the MX program to be installed.

Optional Accessories, PC Software & Services:
* 16" Stainless Steel Scoop Kit
* Programming Service
  Basic Service - upto 58 PLU's
  Advanced Service - 58+ PLU's and advanced features
* PC Software - Business Lite with 1 hour remote training
* Memory Upgrade to 4mb
* Box of 6000 Labels (12 rolls, 49x74mm plain)
* Box of 18000 Labels (36 rolls, 49x74mm plain)
* Box of 18000 Labels (36 rolls, 58x100mm plain)
* WiFi 802.11b/g/n compliant (Optional self-fit module)
* Honeywell Voyager 9520 Barcode Scanner
* Automatic Cash Drawer

Click PLAY below to watch the Avery XS PLU Programming Video

Additional details:
Different character sets can be supported for the various countries, including Latin, Greek Hebrew and Arabic - please call us with your requirements for a quote on setup cost.

Warranty Information

Warranty Duration:1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Warranty Type:Return to Base

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