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TecStore provides 2 options to arrange your cash register till hardware repair:

* Make an appointment to bring your faulty machine into our NW London workshop
* We can collect the machine by courier from any UK address

We can repair most current models of cash register. For hardware related issues (printers, drawers, display, keyboard, motherboard, power supply) there is a minimum non-refundable handling charge of £65 to cover the engineer's time of booking in the equipment, opening up the machine and conducting inspection/testing. This fee covers upto 1 hour labour and also applies to older machines and physically damaged machines.

Additional fees would apply for parts. Additional labour time spent beyond 1 hour is charged at an hourly rate of £65+vat, rounded up to next 15 minutes.

It is unlikely we will be able to obtain parts if your machine is more than 7 years old and not a current selling model. We are usually unable to repair liquid damaged machines either. If you have had a battery leak or power surge then a motherboard replacement can be costly. The overall cost of inspection, parts & labour on such old/damaged equipment is not economical and likely to exceed the price of a new machine, so we would recommend you buy a new machine. See our range of new cash registers starting from £169+vat.

Whether you have a faulty cash drawer, no response from the keys, an error message which crashes or locks the machine or a printer mechanism which requires replacement, we can provide a prompt and reliable cash register repair service. Spare parts are available for most Casio, Sharp, Oilivetti and SAM4S / Samsung cash registers that are less than 7 years old.

Courier collection is £14.50+vat each way for most UK mainland addresses.

If your machine cannot be repaired the same day, loan equipment can be hired for the duration of the repair at affordable daily / weekly rates.

If you originally purchased the equipment from us, then the machine will be repaired or replaced free of charge under the manufacturer's warranty, subject to the warranty terms. The equipment will need to be returned by you to our workshop or you will need to pay a collection charge or call out charge.

We can repair, program, service and provide paid technical support for the following cash registers:

Casio Till Repair
120CR, 160CR, 130CR, 140CR, SE-G1, SE-S100, TE-M80, TE-100, TE-2000, TE-2200, TE-2400, TK-T200, SE-S10, SE-G1, SE-S100, SE-S300, SE-S400, SE-S2000, SE-S3000, SE-C300, SE-C450, SE-C2000, SE-C3500, CE-6000, CE-6100, CE-7000, TK-6500, TK-6000, TK-7000, TK-7500, TE-4000, TE-4000F, TE-8000, TE-8500

Sharp Till Repair
XE-A101, XE-A102, XE-A107, XE-A113, XE-A202, XE-A203, XE-A207, XE-A212, XE-A213, XE-A217, XE-A137, XE-A301, XE-A303, XE-A307, ER-A310, ER-A330, ER-A410, ER-A420, UP600, UP700, UP800, UP810F, UP820F, UP810N, UP820N

Sam4s Till Repair
ER-150, ER-150II, ER-180, ER-180T, ER230, ER260, ER-290, ER-380(M), ER-390M, ER-420M, ER-4615, ER-5115, ER-5140, ER-5100, ER-5215M, ER-5240M, ER-5200M, ER-5215, ER-5250, ER-5200, ER-920, ER-925, ER-940, ER-945, ER-650, SPS1000, SER-7040, SER-7000, SER-6500, SER-6540, SER6540II, SPS2000, SPS500, SPS520, SPS530, NR-510R, NR-520, NR-510F

We can also provide repair and cash register programming services on certain recent models of Geller, Olivetti, Elite, Uniwell, Samsung and other brands of cash register - please contact us with details of your cash register.

Also see our Telephone Support Service from £45 for assistance with error messages, lock-ups or configuration issues.

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