1. Consultancy Fee

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    Price:  £125.00

    plus VAT (£150.00 including UK vat)

    Date Checked21 Feb 2024


Product Information

Purchase this service where you require:
* Professional technical expertise to advise on your project implementation
* Assistance with a feasibility study
* Special product sourcing
* Advice on integration of your software app with equipment and peripherals
* Analysis and documentation of your business requirements
* Technical assessment of your existing systems, equipment or software.

Hourly or daily rate will apply - please email us your requirement details first for a quote. Minimum charge is 1 hour.

1. Where a site visit or meeting is required, additional fees may apply for travel costs, travel time, congestion charge and parking fees.

2. Our charge covers the consultant's time. We will determine at the outset whether we can assist with your request and then use a qualified consultant experienced with your requirement. While we will try our best to assist you implement the requested feature or resolving a problem, we do not guarantee to do so, and our fee is payable regardless.

3. Our consultant's time will be charged continuously. If there are any interruptions on your side, the time will be lost from the advice session.

4. Where a telephone call is required, we will only call to your UK landline or mobile number. Calls to international or other numbers may incur additional charges to cover the cost of the call.

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