1. 3rd-Party Card Processing Integration

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Product Information

Integration of our POS system and software with your compatible card machine and merchant account you have sourced yourself (eg. through DoJo / Payment Sense, Worldpay).

Please only purchase this service after first having discussed your specific requirements with us, and we have referred you to this service page.

Where you have arranged a new merchant account and supply of the card machine through us, then we do not charge any fee for remote integration services for initial setup.

Our fee covers remote technical service to assist in configuring the POS software settings to work with your card machine, installation of any necessary wrapper program and device drivers. The fee covers upto 1 hour technician time, and is payable per machine.

You will need to obtain and provide us with:
- the make & model of your card machine
- how it is connected (eg. USB cable, Serial cable, WiFi, GPRS mobile sim card)
- the relevant merchant account ID, terminal ID, integration key, url and password from your merchant account provider
- where a wrapper program or drivers are required for your card machine, you will need to obtain these from your merchant account provider and provide them to us, together with the installation and configuration instructions.
- the Teamviewer ID and password on your POS terminal

Your POS software may need to be updated to the latest version so you will need to have a support subscription in place (either part of 1st year service, or paid renewal).

You will need to be present in front of the POS system and card machine during the integration process, to connect/disconnect the machine as required, read out the card machine display and perform test transactions. You may also need to refer back to your merchant account provider if details or clarification are required on any configuration options on their drivers, gateway or wrapper application.

We can usually only set up integration with POS system transactions. For CNP (eg. telephone payments) you will need to consult your merchant account provider as it may not be possible to perform these on an integrated card machine.

Note: Our fee is not refundable if your merchant account provider advises any technical or account issues with integration, or you do not have the required information or data connection/cable and we have incurred time and cost in attempting to set it up. If a site visit is necessary to do the integration, then additional call-out fees apply plus our technician's travel expenses.

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