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  1. TecStore Cash Register Training

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Product Information

With our Training Service, our consultant will train upto 2 people in the programming and usage of the cash register.

We can provide training on most models of tills from the following manufacturers:
- Casio
- Sharp
- Samsung
- Sam4s
- Geller
- Olivetti
and other equipment too. Please call us with the Make & Model of your machine.

The price above is for upto 1 hour on-site. Additional time is charged at £85 per hour, pro-rata, rounded to nearest 15 minutes.

With professional till training, you and your staff will feel much more confident in the use of your new cash register, get the best return from your investment and be able to take maximum advantage of all its basic and advanced features and reporting requirements.

With training, you are also equipped with the know how to make price changes, vat changes, name/address changes, date / time changes, and product / department changes to your till whenever you wish.

We can cover physical tasks such as
- Powering on and off
- Replacing paper roll and ink ribbons
- Setting up the journal printer & take up spool
- Replacing the backup batteries

We can cover basic operations such as:
- Switching to different modes
- Logging the float at start of shift
- Sales transactions for single and multiple items
- Correcting keying errors
- Registering refunds
- Using multiple payment methods
- Scanning barcodes
- Applying discounts
- Running interim and end of day/period X & Z reports
- Logging petty cash/ till withdrawals
- Enabling / disabling auto receipt print
- Setting the date and time of the till

We can cover advanced till features:
- Programming receipt information
- Setting up departments (product categories)
- Setting up multiple tax / vat rates
- Setting up staff / clerk / operator id's
- Clearing cumulative totals and sales data
- Printing kitchen tickets
- Tracking table bills and tabs
- Controlling content of receipts and reports
- Using PC software and data cable
- Setting HALO limits to avoid large number errors

We can teach you how to:
- Add new products and barcodes
- Change preset prices and product descriptions
- Backup the till data

The actual training session content will depend on your chosen cash register's capabilities, your business requirements, the learning capacity of the trainee(s) and the time period you wish to book.

Training can be conducted at one of our offices or we can visit your premises to conduct the training. We further provide follow-up support for upto 30 days on any points covered in the training.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and to book your till training session.

1. Any additional costs such as car parking and congestion charge will be payable separately. For locations outside London please contact us with your postcode for a travel time/cost estimate.

2. Training is assumed to be provided on a fully working till with a standard program set up. If your till has faults or memory corruption, this is not addressed in training and you will need to purchase our Repair Service for such requirements, or our Programming Service if advanced settings need to be re-programmed.

3. The training fee covers the consultant's time. If the required agenda for the trainees is not able to be completed in the booked time for any reason, then additional fees will be chargeable for extra time.

4. Our consultant's time will be charged continuously. If trainee staff are not in attendance at the scheduled time, are distracted (eg. by serving customers, attending to deliveries or other tasks), the time will be lost from the training session. We recommend to book training at a quiet time or arrange additional staff on duty to cover.

TecStore Cash Register Training