1. LED Open & Closed Sign

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Product Information

This high quality premium LED 'Open' and 'Closed' animated sign will make your business presence known in the high street. Bright red lettering with surrounding blue lights for 'Open', and 'Blue' lettering for 'Closed'.

Solid build quality and premium-grade bulbs (unlike the low-cost signs that stop working after a few days/weeks). Excelllent shop LED sign at a reasonable price.

Main Features:
* Bright, high-contrast visibility
* Low voltage and efficient energy consumption
* Easy to install: can be wall or ceiling mounted
* Easy to clean, to maximise visibility
* Light weight
* Strong ABS frame
* Voltage 12v 500mA 6W
* Pack Includes Sign Board, Power Supply, Chain & Manual
* 1 Year Warranty
* Size: 58x36cm

LED Open & Closed Sign