Touchscreen Monitors

Touchscreen Monitors

Touchscreen Monitors are stand-alone screens designed to connect to your PC or POS base unit with a USB (or Serial) cable. Our touch screen monitors are available in various sizes including 10", 12", 15", 17", 19" and larger sizes too.

Note: the touch screen monitors below are NOT integrated computer terminals so they do not have any processor, storage, memory, operating system or peripherals ports. See our Touch Terminals if you require all-in-one touchscreen systems.
The above is just a small selection of the touchscreen monitors we can supply. Please contact us with your requirements for other commercial-grade touchscreen monitors from our wide range from ELO, 3M, Iiyama, Aures and other leading brands.

For a complete solution also see our compact, industrial-grade Booksize PC's to connect your touchscreen monitor.

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