Cash Drawers

Cash Drawers

TecStore supplies cash drawers for retail shops, supermarkets, hospitality outlets and office use. Our till drawer range includes standard size drawers, compact small size cash drawers, narrow drawers, wide drawers, fliptop drawers and more robust heavy-duty high-capacity cash drawers suitable for UK £Sterling, US Dollars, Euros and other currencies, as well as multi-currency drawers for bureaux de change.

Our cash drawers are designed to connect to a POS terminal or till - either directly or via a receipt printer. Connection is usually through an RJ11 interface port (see below). RS232 Serial interface, USB and other interface cash drawers are also available. USB and Bluetooth adapters can be fitted to some types of till drawer. For stand-alone use, we supply manual push operation till drawers.

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Where you do not have a till system, we also offer a Manual Operation cash drawer which operates using a push mechanism. An over-locking key provides extra security.

The above list is a small selection of our most popular cash drawers. We can also order replacement cash drawers that are compatible with a wide range of tills and POS terminals including Uniwell, Sam4s / Samsung, Casio and other brands.

Cash Drawer Accessories / Parts


We supply replacement keys, insert trays, covers and cash drawer undermount / under-desk bracket kits for fitting a cash drawer to the underside of a bar, desk or counter.

Bracket Kits are available for all our standard size sliding cash drawers.

Please email us with the make, model and/or dimensions of your cash drawer. When ordering replacement keys - please also specify the code number usually printed on the front of the lock.


Cash Drawer Repairs


We provide cash drawer repair services.

Whether the fault is with the lock / barrel, the roller / sliding mechanism or the electronic solenoid in most cases we can effect a repair. However, in most cases after taking into account shipping / call out charges, parts and labour, it is usually more economic to purchase a new replacement cash drawer.

Please contact us to book your cash drawer in for inspection and quote. A minimum non-refundable £35 inspection/testing fee applies which would be deducted from the final repair cost.


Cash Drawer Interface Options

To help you choose the right cash drawer interface, please see our explanatory guide below for the different types of cash drawer interface ports.
RJ11 Port
RJ11 Cash Drawer  

The RJ11 port (also called RJ12) is the most popular type of cash drawer connection. The cable connection resembles a telephone socket for connection of a cash drawer. It looks similar to the RJ45 Ethernet network port, but is slightly smaller in size.

The cash drawer can be connected to the RJ11 port of a till or POS terminal or with many systems it is connected via the RJ11 port on a receipt printer.

The system will fire a command to automatically operate the opening of the cash drawer. Some equipment will be particular about the solenoid voltage - either 12v or 24v.

USB Port
USB Cash Drawer  

Some systems support a USB interface cash drawer - please check the specification of your software or POS system.

Please always check that your software and POS system is compatible with a USB Cash Drawer if ordering this type of drawer.

Also see our RJ11-to-USB Adapter.

RS232 Serial Port
RS232 Serial Cash Drawer  
Some systems support a RS232 Serial interface cash drawer, where the cash drawer connects directly to the 9-pin serial port of a PC or POS terminal - please check the specification of your software or POS system.
Bluetooth Cash Drawer  

These usually work via connection to a Bluetooth receipt printer although some newer models (such as the APG 510 BluePro) operate directly with the Bluetooth-enabled device or using an intermediate converter unit (such as the Star Micronics DK-AirCash). Please check compatibility with your POS Software/Service provider prior to purchase.
Ethernet / WiFi enabled cash drawers or converter devices are available. Please contact us for further details.

Also see:
RJ11-to-USB Cash Drawer Adapter

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